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FRV 02

FMR (Fault Monitor Radio)

WMAC FMR (Fault Monitor Radio) is designed to monitor up to 4 Fault Passage Indicators (FPI) or monitors any simple open and closed devices. The exisiting FPIs provide a connection between these devices and the Electrical Distributor Control systems (SCADA) which can be easily configured to send and receive digital signals.



What can it do

The FMR is available as Mains or Battery powered with SIGFox Radio and 8 plus years of battery life. It can be used to monitor open or closed devises like Bund Sensor (Water Level), Door Monitoring, etc.

Basic Specifications

  • Monitors up to 4 Fault Passage Indicators (FPIs)
  • Monitors simple and closed devices 
  • Monitors Bund Sensor and Door Monitoring
  • Push message to control for digital signals
  • Available as Mains or Battery powered
  • 8 plus year of battery life
  • SIGFox Radio integration
  • Reports loss of power and reconnection
  • Connection to SCADA

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