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Electrical Distribution Networks are facing unprecedented challenges: ageing infrastructure, solar, electric cars, and significate increasing demand as we move from fossil fuels.

Customers and regulators have higher expectations.

Distribution operators need visibility of their LV Networks to maintain a reliability and resiliency electrical network.

2-way electricity flows are creating problems, stressing assets and destabilising electrical grids. 

A better understanding of HV and LV networks is needed to ensure stability.

Low Voltage Monitoring


LV Networks are the largest networks in the world.  With millions of assets and billions of miles of cables. Yet, for the most part, they're completely un-monitored and rely on the customers to report faults and outages. As we move away from large-scale generation to smaller local generation, with solar, wind and micropower stations, running an electrical network blind is no longer an option.

Low Voltage visibility is critical to be able to manage Electrical Distribution Networks with increasing level of DER.

LV Visibility is the next big investment for electrical grid suppliers.

Higher levels of renewable participation present risks to power system security and reliability.

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WMAC is one of the first companies to provide cost-effective, LV monitoring solutions.

WMAC uses the latest IoT technologies, radio networks, edge processing and cloud computing to monitor LV assets.

Transformer monitoring unlocks network-wide visibility and will be key to unlocking the potential of DER.

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